The morphology and terminology in the Atlas is based on McAlpine, (1981), McEvey and Polack, (2005) and the 'Anatomical Atlas of Flies' (Yeates, D. K., Hastings, A. and Hamilton, J. R., 2004).

                  The images, but in particularly the lateral image of Drosophila melanogaster are composites of many images. These images were made using the BK Plus Lab System from Visionary Digital. Drawings overlay the images.

                  The images and drawings were created in Adobe Photoshop. The parts were made by converting the relevant pieces of of the drawing into vector graphics using software called 'Vector Magic'.

                  If you find errors in the content or would like content added to the Atlas please contact us.

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                  1. To move quickly between the pages of the 'Term List' use the left and right arrow keys.

                  2. To move between the lateral and dorsal views, use the 'greater than' and 'less than' keys without the shift key.

                  3. Use the '2' key on the keyboard to turn on the zoom lens. Then use the left and right arrow keys to move the zoom lens over the image. Use the '1' key to turn the zoom off.

                  4. Use the up and down arrow keys to move between the information tabs. This will only work if the zoom lens is turned off.

                  Shane F. McEvey, Australian Museum, Sydney contributed invaluable taxonomic knowledge.

                  Dr. Stephen D. Gaimari, California Department of Food and Agriculture supplied detailed feedback on the content as well as on technical and functional issues.

                  Mr Faisal Younus, Environmental Response Genomics CSIRO, supplied beautiful specimens of Drosophila melanagaster.

                  Natalie Banks, Australian National Insect Collection skilfully dissected out the Drosophila wing.

                  Dr Bruce Halliday, Australian National Insect Collection, gave valuable help with referencing and editing.

                  Dmitry Baranovskiy, creator of the Raphaël JavaScript Library.
                  Raphaël JavaScript Library

         creators of the Ready Set Raphael website that converts the SVG format to the Raphaël format.
                  Ready Set Raphael website

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