Welcome to the 'Ladybirds of Australia Web Site'. What follows is a brief description of how the site is organized.

The tabs across the top of the page are consistent over the whole site. From these tabs, you can access lists of tribes, genera and species, view a species image gallery, access a ladybird morphology tool (in a new window), use ladybird identification software (LucID), access a compare feature that looks at the main structures of three different genera side by side and finally, use a search function to find ladybird taxa.

The menus on the left hand side of each page are specific to a set of pages. In the case of the taxon pages there are always only two. Here, on the 'Home' page, there is a set of four site pages and five links to external but related sites. Holding the mouse over the menu items for a short time will give more detail. Importantly, general information about ladybirds and specifics about the Australian taxa is accessed here from the side menu called 'About Ladybirds'. It in turn, has its own side menu specific to the information provided.

Compare features are also available from some taxon pages. To use 'Compare' features you must have cookies enabled in your browser.

The site is a work in progress and many of the species pages have yet to be fully developed. Likewise, the morphology tool has yet to have the wing and the male and female genital structures added.