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About nematodes
About Nematodes
  Information about nematodes, interactive keys, and the resources available on this site.
  5th International Congress of Nematology
    The 5th International Congress on Nematology was held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 13-18 July 2008.
Identify nematodes
Identify Nematodes

Key to the Nematodes of Australia by M. Hodda.

The program INTKEY (dated 5th September 2000 or later) must be installed on your computer. If not then download below.

Download INTKEY
Download INTKEY

Links to the Intkey web site, where download is available. Install the program to run the key and open the dataset (Windows 95/NT or later).
(For further assistance please see Contacts page on the DELTA site)

Identification and Advice
Nematode Identification and Techniques Course

CSIRO Entomology's Nematode Identification and Techniques Course can assist in identifying nematodes, pls register your interest.

  Checklist of Aphelenchida (text file 138 pages 1.06MB )
    A comprehensive checklist of the order. Please notify the author of new taxa or any errors.