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Thysanoptera (Thrips) Information

The following list of links gives access to a wide range of information, including images, about insects in the Order Thysanoptera - the Thrips.

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Stephanothrips occidentalis

ThripsWiki - providing information on the world's thrips

Australian Thysanoptera catalogue

Thrips of California

Australian Thysanoptera-Terebrantia

Evolution of Ecological and Behavioural Diversity: Australian Acacia Thrips as Model Organisms

Thrips & Tospoviruses Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Thysanoptera, July 2001

Australian Acacia thrips - associated only with Australian phyllodinous Acacia species

An ectoparasitic thrips

Laurence Mound staff page

Laurence Mound publication list

For many freely available thrips publications, see Zootaxa: recent issues; or pre-2016.

Thrips collaborators (external links)

Mark Hoddle, California

Joe Funderburk, Florida

William Kirk, UK

Gerald Moritz, Germany

Manfred Ulitzka, Germany