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Thysanoptera (Thrips) of the World - a checklist

This world list includes about 7700 species-group and over 1200 genus-group names, together with their authors and dates of publication. Among these names many are now placed into synonymy, thus only 780 generic names are considered valid, together with a further 58 generic names for fossil taxa.


Included with each generic name is the type-species, and for each species the original genus is given as well as the original country from which it was collected, together with bibliographic information.

The list is 'live' with further data and extensive nomenclatural references being added regularly.

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The traditional classification of the Order Thysanoptera is adopted, recognising nine Families for living species (plus five fossil families), with two subfamilies in the Phlaeothripidae (the only Family in suborder Tubulifera), and four subfamilies in the Thripidae (one of eight Families comprising suborder Terebrantia).