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Encarsia species attacking silverleaf and greenhouse
whitefly in Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Checklist of species, species groups, and distribution
in Australia and the Pacific Islands

  Encarsia Species group Distribution  

  E. accenta E. inaron South Australia, New South Wales.  
  E. adusta E. inaron Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia.  
  E. azimi E. inaron New South Wales, Queensland.  
  E. bimaculata E. strenua Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria.  
  E. cibcensis E. perflava Cook Islands, Nauru.  
  E. formosa E. luteola New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia. Fiji, French Polynesia, Tonga.  
  E. guadeloupae E. luteola Micronesia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea.  
  E. hispida E. luteola French Polynesia.  
  E. mineoi E. parvella Queensland.  
  E. lutea E. lutea Queensland. Cook Islands, Nauru, Niue, Tonga.  
  E. nigricephala E. cubensis French Polynesia, Nauru.  
  E. oakeyensis E. strenua Queensland.  
  E. pergandiella E. parvella Queensland, South Australia, Victoria.  
  E. protransvena E. strenua Western Australia. French Polynesia, Fiji, Hawaii.  
  E. sophia E. strenua Queensland, Western Australia. French Polynesia.  
  E. ustulata E. strenua South Australia, Western Australia.  

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