Archegleis Iablokoff-Khnzorian
Updated August 2007.

Archegleis Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1984: 113. TS: Coccinella kingi MacLeay, 1826.

Archegleis is very similar to Harmonia but differs by concave areas along lateral margins of pronotum, longer antennae and female genitalia lacking infundibulum.

Length 4.2-6.8 mm. Body moderately to strongly convex, glabrous. Elytral colour pattern variable, usually yellowish-green with small black spots or black longitudinal markings. Anterior clypeal border straight between lateral projections. Antenna 11-segmented; about as long as head capsule with very weak 3-segmented club. Terminal maxillary palpomere securiform. Pronotal disc evenly convex transversely, with lateral parts distinctly concave within lateral borders; lateral margins with narrowly thickened bead. Prothoracic hypomeron without fovea; prosternal process with carinae extending forward. Anterior margin of mesoventrite arcuate medially, entirely bordered. Elytral margin with entire thickened beads; epipleuron not foveate. Tibial spurs absent. Abdominal postcoxal line slightly recurved and largely incomplete, without oblique additional line. Male terminalia. Parameres and phallobase symmetrical; penis guide symmetrical; parameres articulated with phallobase. Penis with additional apical piece; basal capsule T-shaped. Apodeme of male sternum 9 very narrow and rod-like. Female terminalia. Coxites shaped like a club handle; styli terminal, well developed, with apical setae; infundibulum absent; sperm duct indistinct. Spermatheca distinctly curved, with cornu and basal ramus and nodulus, or modified multicameral (A. barronensis); spermathecal accessory gland distinctly separated from sperm duct.

Distribution and Biology
This genus contains six endemic Australian species. Label data associated with various species (Pope 1989) indicate aphids and other Hemiptera as primary food source. Several species of this genus were reared using Hyperomyzus aphids on Sonchus.

Genus References
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