Updated September 2007.

Noviini Mulsant, 1846: addenda et errata.

Body oval or elongate-oval, dorsum densely hairy. Head broad, with eyes large, setose and broadly separated on vertex. Antenna 7- or 8-segmented distinctly shorter than head capsule, with scape enlarged and indistinct and antennal club serrate. Terminal maxillary palpomere large and strongly securiform; labial palps 2-segmented. Prothoracic hypomeron without fovea near anterior angles; prosternum very short in front of coxae; prosternal process very narrow and setose without distinct carinae. Elytral epipleuron complete not foveate. Protibia angulate externally. Tibial spurs absent; tarsi 3-segmented. Abdominal postcoxal line recurved and complete.

Distribution and Biology

Tribe References
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