Telsimia elainae Chazeau
Updated December 2005.

Telsimia elainae Chazeau, 1984: 109.

This species is very unlike other Australian species of Telsimia because of very narrow frons, distinctly 7-segmented antenna combined with postcoxal plates of first abdominal ventrite not recurved externally

Length 1.3-1.6 mm. Strongly convex, shortly oval; dorsal surfaces black except for testaceous clypeus, at least anterior half of frons and, sometimes, small, anterolateral areas of pronotum; underside variably coloured but with elytral epipleura and at least abdominal ventrites 2-5 testaceous, elsewhere pitchy, legs usually testaceous. Head with strong, forwardly directed pubescence. Pronotum arcuate medially, distance between anterior angles 0.6 times that between posterior angles, lateral borders evenly and arcuately convergent from bases to anterior angles; discal punctures as large as eye facets, separated by 1 diameter or more, intervals smooth; punctures on lateral margins not much larger than those on disc, shallow, separated as a rule by less than 1 diameter; pubescence mostly subrecumbent, laterally directed on either side of midline, forwardly directed near base on either side of scutellum. Elytra quadrate, external margins not explanate to very narrowly out-turned external borders; punctures of disc and margins distinctly larger than those of pronotal disc, often separated by 1 diameter or less, intervals smooth; pubescence curved, suberect for the most part, arranged in a distinctive whorled pattern. Prosternal surface coriaceous, punctures barely perceptible; mesoventrite about twice as broad as median length, anterior border nearly straight, punctures of disc and margins separated by about 1 diameter; metasternum with punctures larger than those of mesoventrite, separated on disc by a little more than 1 diameter, somewhat closer laterally, discal intervals smooth, surface toward lateral borders microsculptured. Abdomen with borders of postcoxal plates of first abdominal ventrite not recurved externally, punctures of intercoxal process smaller than those of metasternum and generally separated by more than one diameter. Legs: all tarsal claws appendiculate.

Head with frons very narrow compared with eyes. Abdomen with 5th ventrite with median length less than that of ventrites 2-4 together, broadly impressed across disc, punctures smaller than those of 1st ventrite between coxae, separated by 1 diameter or more, intervals with seemingly transverse microsculpture, apical border apparently somewhat variably arcuate, without a bead-like rim. Male genitalia as illustrated.

Distinguished from male by broader, less pubescent head between eyes, a more elongate, subtriangular 5th abdominal ventrite as long as ventrites 2-4 together.

Not observed.

distribution map for ElainaeDistribution and Biology
Known from northern Queensland and New Guinea. The larva is undescribed. Chazeau (1984) recorded elainae as associated with Unaspis citri Comstock (Diaspididae) and Nipaecoccus sp. (Pseudococcidae) on citrus. Most of the Australian material was collected from various trees and shrubs infested with aleurodids and scales.

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Species References
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