Updated August 2007.

Brumoides Chapin, 1965: 237. TS: Coccinella suturalis Fabricius, 1798

Australian Brumoides are very easily recognizeable by their yellowish elytra with black stripes or elongate spots.

Length 2.5-3.5 mm . Dorsum glabrous; elytra yellowish or brown with dark markings. Eye distinctly emarginate. Antenna 8-segmented; insertions hidden; terminal antennomere small and partially embedded in penultimate one. Clypeus short; labrum entirely exposed. Pronotal base entirely bordered; prosternal process very narrow, without carinae; hypomeral fovea absent. Protibia simple, narrow; meso- and metatibiae with 2 apical spurs; tarsal claws appendiculate or weakly thickened at base. Abdomen with 6th ventrite visible in male; abdominal postcoxal lines separated at middle, each arcuately recurving apically and reaching or almost reaching midpoint of lateral line. Male terminalia. Parameres and phallobase symmetrical; penis guide asymmetrical. Parameres articulated with phallobase. Penis stout, consisting of single sclerite; basal capsule distinct and T-shaped. Apodeme of male sternum 9 very narrow and rod-like. Female terminalia. Coxities distinctly elongate, triangular; styli strongly reduced and hardly visible; infundibulum horn-like, with sperm duct originating at its base; sperm duct divided into two regions of different diameter. Spermatheca globular without clear cornu; spermathecal accessory gland distinctly separated from sperm duct.

Distribution and Biology
Worldwide but status of many species needs critical revision. Various species of Brumoides have beeen associated with mealybugs. Australian species are widespread along coastal areas and have been collected from halophilous vegetation.

Genus References
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