Updated August 2007.

Chilocorini Mulsant, 1846: 28.

Body small to moderately large (2-8 mm) with head in repose somewhat inserted into prothorax and usually directed downwards; dorsum usually without apparent vestiture. Head transverse, ventrally flattened; clypeus variously expanded laterally forming a shelf entirely covering antennal insertions. Mandible strong, triangular with single apical tooth and heavily developed molar denticle; maxillary palp moderately long, terminal palpomere parallel-sided, weakly expanded to securiform; labial palp distinctly separated at base and inserted on ventral side of prementum. Antenna very short, 7-10-segmented with fusiform 3-segmented club. Prosternum simple, moderately elongate in front of coxae; prosternal process narrow, parallel-sided Wings with large anal lobe. Elytral punctures irregular, never in apparent rows; epipleuron broad and complete to apex, often with foveae that receive apex of femora. Abdomen with 5 or 6 ventrites; postcoxal line at abdominal ventrite 1 variable, without associated pits and pores. Male genitalia: tegmen symmetrical, penis guide sometimes asymmetrical, parameres well developed and setose apically; penis a simple, single sclerite with large basal capsule. Coxites triangular, lightly sclerotised, usually bearing short styli; bursa copulatrix with infundibulum or fleshy lobe with sperm duct composed of two parts of different diameters; spermatheca sclerotised, bean-shaped without ramus, with large accessory gland.

Distribution and Biology
Worldwide; predominantly feeding on scale insects.

Tribe References
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